Ask five people what “good food” means to them and you’ll likely get five very different responses. Food is subjective and situational, and therefore “good food” is difficult to define.

Proper nutrition means eating the foods that are most beneficial for your health. But having scientific research be the sole factor in determining taste, quality, and likability excludes the human factor. Our scientists have the unique mission to incorporate both personal taste and proper nutrition into every nutritional product created.

In Singapore, the Abbott Nutrition Asia-Pacific Research and Development Center houses scientists who are focused on creating nutritional products that will best serve Asian infants, children and adults. Trials conducted here allow us to tailor new ingredients, products, flavors and packaging to the tastes and preferences throughout Singapore. The end result is products people love that also help them achieve the level of health they deserve.

To deliver complete nutrition to more communities, we partnered with Syngene, a leading contract research organization, to establish the Abbott Nutrition R&D Center in India. Here, our scientists develop affordable, science-based products that address local malnutrition with global impact.

The personalized wellness of individuals, communities and countries has long been our focus. That’s why we work hard to ensure that every product we develop has the proper nutrition you need, as well as the tastes you crave.