Abbott App Educates Cataract Patients

Abbott’s vision care business has launched the Abbott IOL Vision Simulator iPad application (app) in 23 countries. The app is designed to help physicians and their staffs educate cataract patients about how the eye works, intraocular lens (IOL) options and the benefits our Tecnis® family of IOLs can provide.

“Physicians and their staffs must have good patient-education skills so that they can consistently meet the high expectations of their cataract patients who receive IOLs,” said Murthy Simhambhatla, Senior Vice President, Abbott Medical Optics. “There are a number of different tools available to assist in this area, and with the growing popularity of tablet PCs, an increasing number of ophthalmology practices are using these devices to supplement their patient education efforts.”

The app addresses this growing trend and provides ophthalmology practices a simple, easy-to-use tool to discuss relevant topics with their patients.

The app consists of three sections:

  • How the Eye Works – Provides an overview of the eye, common conditions, and visual simulations of how they affect sight. Features information about normal vision, astigmatism (when the eye’s surface is curved, causing blurred vision), presbyopia (when it’s difficult to focus on objects up close), cataract (when the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy) and cataract surgery (when a cloudy, natural lens is replaced with an artificial IOL).
  • Understanding Your IOL Options – Outlines the IOL options available to address cataract patients’ eye conditions and the benefit that each lens is designed to deliver.
  • Vision Simulator – Demonstrates a patient’s vision before and after cataract treatment. Illustrates the benefits, as well as limitations, of our Tecnis family of IOLs to help create realistic expectations.

“The app assists physicians and their staffs with integrating our Tecnis family of IOLs into their practice,” said Simhambhatla. “As patients are better educated prior to their cataract surgery, physicians will be better able to perform a procedure that results in a high level of patient satisfaction.”

The Abbott IOL Vision Simulator app is currently available in multiple languages for download on Apple’s iPad.

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