Joins Others to Imagine a Healthier Tomorrow

Imagine if Alexander Fleming hadn’t taken a closer look at his moldy petri dish. Penicillin may not have been discovered. Fleming wasn’t the only one to notice the potential in unrelated materials. Invisible braces and the infrared ear thermometer were inspired by scientific advancements made by NASA. Similarly, Abbott’s own bioresorbable vascular technology in clinical trials in the U.S. applies principles of dissolvable surgical sutures; it’s absorbed by the body over time after treating a heart vessel.

At Abbott, we push medical science further through clinical research, everyday observation, applying knowledge from unrelated fields and participating in inspired collaboration. We’re proud to be one of the first global partners of TEDMED 2014, an event that brings together creative thinkers from across industries to collaborate on developing trends and ideas in health and medicine.

This cross-industry gathering to be held September 10-12 in Washington DC and San Francisco will feature some of the world’s most respected names in science, technology, business, education and journalism. Together, participants are dedicated to unlocking imagination in search of tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs.

Abbott brings more than 125 years of innovation to the TEDMED conversation. We’re striving for a better tomorrow that will help people maximize their fullest potential.

To learn more about the TEDMED 2014 program, click here. Who knows? Maybe the discussion will unlock your imagination too.